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About Us

How it all began:

How did it start for us? With the birth of our first child in the winter of 2011, of course. At that time we were very inexperienced. Luckily for our son, we actually got a new baby seat from Britax Römer as a gift in the clinic. Otherwise he would have been lying in an ancient thing. Really creepy when we think about it now.

A new baby seat as a gift is better than an old used one, but it was obviously not suitable for the little one. He quickly started crying. Since we lived in the country, the car was soon used every day. Although at some point the black coffee also tasted good because you didn't go anywhere for milk when the child was yelling after two minutes.

So at the age of six months, the idea of ​​buying a new child seat came up, which hopefully would make things better. After a short research it was clear that it had to be a reboarder. This was ordered online from the Zwergperten in Witten. The trip from Lake Constance to the Ruhr area was too far for us. And yes, things got a little better with the new seat.

Then came the move to Wangen im Allgäu and children two (winter 2013) and three (autumn 2015) enriched us. When we were three we actually went to Munich to see the Zwergperten. It wasn't easy because we had a Berlingo. But after some research, a seat was found.

And how did it really start for us? That's how it was with the shop... Papa Philip was a stand builder and that's how he got in touch with Woom. Woom is the epitome of really cool and light children's bikes. Since we like to be outside and ride our bikes a lot and there was no Woom dealer in the Allgäu, we set ourselves the task. There was this barn... and with the first renovation work (Mama Vroni actually doubted that it could become a nice shop) child four (summer 2017) was announced.

So in February 2017 we opened our cute little children's bike shop "kids' bikes Göhl". It ran alongside until the move to downtown Wangen. That wasn't always easy. Philip was away for about six months spread over the year on trade fair construction, Vroni with four children and soon the dog Happy alone with the shop. It was (almost) always fun. Even totally overcrowded weekends before Easter were great with ten consultations at the same time (and the children on their skirts). Philip was either away on stand construction or assembling and repairing bicycles and advising customers. But at some point it was time to close the shop because it was too much for the sideline or just go full-time.

And that brings us back to the midgets and how it all really began. A full-time children's bike shop? That wasn't enough substance for us. So we remembered the dwarf perets. There were not many dealers in southern Germany. So Philip applied. And you know the ending.

Now we are happy in downtown Wangen. We come to the store on foot or by bike. The children are meanwhile also older and don't hang by the skirts or trouser legs as often. This is how everything takes its course and we consider ourselves very lucky that we were able to turn our passion into a profession. Then it is a calling and real quality of life.

Persönlicher Support

Persönlicher Support

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