BeSafe iZi Modular X1 i-Size

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Everyday reboard flexibility meets innovative safety

  • Child height: 61-105 cm
  • Max. weight: 18 kg
  • Age: approx. 6 months - 4 years (not binding)

BeSafe iZi Modular RF X1 i-Size: This flexible and extra compact toddler seat is the updated and improved version of the iZi Modular RF i-Size. Like the previous model, the seat can be easily clicked onto the iZi Modular i-Size base station.

What's new in the iZi Modular X1 i-Size?

1. The Dynamic Force Absorber™ in the headrest offers state-of-the-art side impact protection
2. The additional side impact protection SIP+ can now simply be pushed onto a guide rail
3. The Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ were developed based on the findings of AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken) and offer the child more freedom of movement for the arms

Innovative technology for superior security

  • Built-in side impact protection (SIP) in the seat pan
  • Additional side impact protection (SIP+) also absorbs up to 20% of the forces and can simply be pushed onto the guide rail
  • Protective and soft headrest with advanced Dynamic Force Absorber™
  • Approved according to UN R129 (i-Size)
  • Allows children up to the age of approx. 4 years to always be 5x safer to ride rear-facing
  • Passed the toughest crash test in the world: the Plus Test

Comfort that adapts to the child and grows with them

  • Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ offer the child more freedom of movement for the arms
  • 3-way adjustable legroom for extra space on longer trips
  • Two-Fit Cushions™ for individual adaptability to the child
  • 10-way adjustable headrest to grow with the child
  • Shoulder straps and headrest can be easily adjusted with one hand
  • Exceptional comfort with 4 rest positions
  • Good ventilation thanks to the ventilation system in the back area
  • High quality materials and workmanship

Hassle-free daily handling for the parents

  • Magnetic Belt Assistants™ make it easy to get in and out
  • Installation on the iZi Modular i-Size base station with just one click
  • Resting position can also be easily adjusted after installation
  • Can be easily and flexibly switched between cars thanks to the separate ISOfix base station
  • Visual and acoustic indicators facilitate installation
  • Lockable ISOfix pliers on the base station make it easier to reach well-hidden ISOfix eyelets

Highlight #1: the Dynamic Force Absorber™

Controlled fall, like a trampoline

The BeSafe Dynamic Force Absorber™ is a new and innovative solution in the headrest of the iZi Modular RF X1 i-Size and offers maximum protection for the most sensitive parts of the child's body. A unique combination of special materials and a structure with different flex zones optimally absorbs the forces in the event of a side impact. The inner area of ​​the Dynamic Force Absorber™ absorbs forces on impact and is pushed inwards, while the outer areas do not flex.

Highlight #2: Installation on the ISOfix base station with just one click

With adjustable legroom for extra comfort

By allowing the seat to be separated from the ISOfix base, you can use the same ISOfix base for the iZi Modular concept infant carrier. Changing the seat between different cars is also child's play thanks to the separate base station. The iZi Modular i-Size base station also makes it possible to adjust the legroom in 3 stages. Depending on your needs, the seat can either be installed particularly compactly or with additional legroom for your child - for example on longer journeys.

Highlight #3: the Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™

For flexible freedom of movement

We developed the Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ based on AGR (Aktion Gesunder Rücken)'s findings on the importance of children having plenty of room to move. These are slightly narrower shoulder pads, which offer the child more freedom of movement for the arms.

Technical facts

Approved according to: UN R129 (i-Size)
Child height: 61-105 cm
Max. weight: 18 kg
Age: approx. 6 months - 4 years (not binding)

Direction of travel: backwards
Installation: ISOfix with base station

Child seat + base weight: 15 kg
Child seat dimensions (L x W x H): 60 x 44 x 50 cm (with headrest in lowest position)
Dimensions of the child seat including base station (L x W x H): 74 x 44 x 53 cm (with headrest in lowest position)
Seat height with headrest in highest position: 65 cm

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