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woom 1 Plus Laufrad

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woom 1 Plus Laufrad
The super light and innovative balance bike in 14 inches for small children from one and a half years old.

The super light and innovative balance bike in 14 inches for small children from one and a half years old.

  • Bike size: 14''
  • Weight: 4.2
  • Age: 2.5 - 4.5 years
  • Size: 93 - 105 cm (2.7 - 3.3')

Special features: handbrake, Ergogripswoom frame

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WOOM 1 PLUS is a high quality and advanced balance bike specially designed for little riders aged 2.5 to 4.5 years. It is an evolution of the popular WOOM 1 balance bike and offers additional features and improvements to offer young riders an even better riding experience.

The WOOM 1 PLUS features a light and robust aluminum frame that is specifically tailored to the proportions and needs of young riders. The frame is durable yet light enough for children to control with ease. The light weight of the balance bike allows little riders to easily maneuver and control the bike.

The adjustable saddle of the WOOM 1 PLUS allows the balance bike to be adjusted to the child's individual size and leg length to ensure an optimal sitting position. This means that the balance bike can grow with the child and therefore offers a longer period of use.

The WOOM 1 PLUS features air-filled tires that provide a smooth ride and good traction. The tires are durable and can be driven on various surfaces such as asphalt, sidewalks or light off-road trails. They provide children with a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

In addition to the high-quality frame and tires, the WOOM 1 PLUS has ergonomic handles that provide a secure and comfortable grip for little hands. The steering wheel is easy to grip and allows for precise steering. The child-friendly brake ensures safe deceleration and allows children to learn to brake.

The design of the WOOM 1 PLUS is attractive and child-friendly. It is available in a variety of vibrant colors that attract little drivers' attention and make the driving experience even more exciting. The balance bike is durable and can be passed on from siblings or friends if necessary.

With the WOOM 1 PLUS, young riders can improve their balance, develop their motor skills and increase confidence while driving. It is the perfect companion to help children prepare for cycling later on. With the WOOM 1 PLUS you can playfully and safely develop your skills and discover the joy of cycling.

woom stem

Our stem provides a secure and lightweight connection between the handlebars and the headset. Thanks to its slim, round design and the recessed clamping screw, it is a real “knee friend”!
woom steering lock limiter
An important safety component is the steering angle limiter we developed. It prevents falls due to over-turning the handlebars, stabilizes straight driving and thus reduces the risk of accidents.
woom saddleOne of the most important contact points between child and bike is the saddle. It has a crucial influence on the driving experience. Our saddle is therefore perfectly adapted to the pelvic bone of the child at this age and optimized for an upright sitting posture. Thanks to its light banana shape, it always offers the child optimal support. All of this makes our saddle the perfect all-round talent for every riding position, whether standing, running or sitting.

woom low-friction tires

Tires have a strong influence on driving behavior. That's why we chose high-quality, very light and grippy tires with low rolling resistance for the woom 1 PLUS. This ensures effortless progress and a secure grip on any surface - whether it's a road, gravel path or forest floor. The reflective strip on the tire sidewalls ensures optimal visibility even in poor lighting conditions.

Operating instructions as PDF: 001_008_ORIGINAL_owners_manual_1:1+_EU_US

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