Accident Exchange Guarantee

The UAG briefly explained

When you buy from Soulmate you get a complete package of security.
An accident is traumatic enough. So that you and your child can drive safely again quickly, we ensure that a replacement seat is available immediately. We offer this exchange once.

According to ECE standard 44, paragraph 15.3.7, a child seat must be replaced after a heavy load, such as occurs in an accident. A child seat absorbs large amounts of energy in the first accident, which can change the material. A second accident could impair its protection. This applies regardless of whether the seat is secured with Isofix or the car seat belt.

Under what conditions does the exchange take place?

  • In a self-inflicted accident.
  • Submission of guarantee certificate, proof of purchase and official accident report.
  • Documented evidence that the child seat was in the car at the time of the accident.
  • No notification of the seat as damage to an insurance company.
  • Report the accident within six weeks and submit all documentation within four weeks thereafter.
  • The child seat was involved in an impact (at least 10 km/h).
  • Light collisions or abrupt braking without collision do not justify an exchange.
  • Wild accidents are excluded from the exchange.
  • The child seat is less than six years old from the date of purchase.
  • You were the original purchaser of the seat.
  • Photos of the damaged child seat with the belts cut are required. The seat can also be requested for analysis.
  • This offer is only valid for customers residing in DACH.

Required Documents:

  • Police accident report or equivalent document
  • Our service form
  • proof of purchase
  • Declaration of non-insurance

Unfortunately, we cannot make an exchange without all of these documents.

This service is only valid for the original purchaser of the seat. The replacement seat cannot be guaranteed to be the same color as the original one. If resold or if a replacement seat is not purchased from us, the replacement guarantee will be void.